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    2019 Year In Review Part 3: The Voices of the Year

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    December 25, 2019

    2019 is drawing to a close and we are looking back on a year of recovery, in which Bitcoin was able to regain its old strength and the network is constantly breaking new records in terms of security and decentralization, while the altcoins continue to recover slowly.

    The number 1 crypto currency has now been able to consolidate with a relatively stable market dominance of over 69% and experts have meanwhile also agreed: With all the alternative coins that are now romping about in the crypto jungle, Bitcoin remains due to its unique properties inviolable and so in 2019 almost not a day went by without new forecasts and statements about how the price and market capitalization could continue in the next few years.

    We wish every reader a Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas and a lot of fun with our favorite quotes from 2019:

    Jack Dorsey: For the founder and CEO of Twitter, Bitcoin is absolutely unrivaled

    "Twitter will not introduce its own cryptocurrency, my focus is on Bitcoin"

    "I find that open Internet standards are much better than those that are controlled by companies."

    "I think Bitcoin is the best because it has been around for 10 years and it has proven to be very resilient. He also has a great brand, which also helps [...] If I look at the entirety of all cryptocurrencies that could become the leading currency on the Internet, then Bitcoin has the best chance. "

    PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel comes out as a big Bitcoin fan and has invested many millions

    "PayPal aimed to create a new currency. We didn't succeed and we created a new payment system. I think Bitcoin is successful at the level of a new currency "

    Tim Draper: The prominent, billion-dollar venture capitalist has always been correct with his Bitcoin forecasts

    "I believe that one bitcoin will be worth $ 250,000 by 2022 or 2023, which is 5% of the global foreign exchange market."

    Best-selling author Marc Friedrich sees a.o. Bitcoin as a hedge against the next big financial and system crash

    "Man is not at the end of evolution and neither is the monetary system at the end of evolution. We are only at the beginning and therefore I am absolutely positive and bullish for the future (...) Bitcoin was a godsend! "

    John McAfee: Can not only forecast the moon, but also very simple and down-to-earth math

    "If bitcoin gets to be 5% of world financial transactions, which, you all know it will, [...] [then bitcoin would be worth] $ 10 million per coin, based on those numbers."

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